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Listen2.AI is an AI-powered app that presents unbiased, personalized news in short audio clips, so that you stay informed about the world without spending too much time.

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Listen2.AI can provide you with an amazing news experience.

News that’s customized for you
Listen2.AI provides you with 7 different categories of news to choose from. Select the category of news that you want to listen to and get the news that you want.
Top-quality news that keeps you informed
We at Listen2.AI bring in the news from over 80,000 trusted sources and blogs around the world, not just the United States. We give you top-quality news that is free from sensationalism, propaganda, and bias.
News you can listen to while multitasking
Listen2.AI brings you the news in short audio clips and gives you a hands-free experience. So you can listen to the news while driving, cooking or doing other chores.
News that respects your political ideology
Whether you’re a liberal, a conservative or centrist, you can use the political slider to choose how the news should be presented. The news content will remain the same. Only the political orientation will change.
News that you can listen to in other languages
Would you like to listen to the news in a language that’s familiar to you? No problem. Just choose the language you want and we’ll do the rest.
Revisit the news stories that caught your attention
Listen2.AI gives you the option of checking your listening history so that you can re-listen to the news stories that caught your attention. You can even download the scripts and audios to read the news stories.

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Listen2.AI can provide you with an amazing news experience.