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Listen2.AI was founded in 2022. Ever since then, we have faced a lot of challenges and overcome many obstacles to make this app.

It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and patience to bring new updates and keep the app working smoothly.

Thankfully, we have a team of three members who keep the app running and thriving.

Discover the story behind Listen2.AI and the founder's path by visisting thislink.

Meet The Team

  • Shan Huang

    Founder, CEO

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    Meet Shan, our visionary leader and CEO. Shan guides our company's journey, ensuring that our company continues to thrive and innovate.And when he’s not busy planning our next big step, Shan finds his thrill in the intellectual duel of Chess, the rapid exchanges of Ping pong, and the virtual adventures of video gaming.
  • Shuxuan Yang

    Founding Engineer

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    Shuxuan is someone who is passionate about innovation. That’s why he plays a key role in developing our platform’s core features. Shuxuan loves to travel and read books in his free time. It helps him to come up with great ideas for our work.
  • Ha Nguyen

    Software Engineer

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    Ha is our enthusiastic engineer who loves the product work. Ha enjoys discovering new spots and sampling various cuisines when coding isn’t on her agenda. Her adventurous spirit and love for life adds excitement and fresh insights to our team.